the political suicide bombing of America

The Political Suicide Bombing of America

It was shortly after the 9-11 attacks that I was confronted with a chilling reality: How do you combat someone who has no regard for their own life? The stakes were forever changed for America, as we watched planes careening into buildings and realized: they don’t care – they are willing to die for this.

The same sickening reality is now creeping upon me as I watch liberalism on the ascendency. I am suddenly realizing that the same kind of religious fervency is shared by those on the Left. Those who are masterminding the charge are willing to sacrifice everything – even being in charge – to advance their political agenda. The stakes are forever changed.

Americans have always valued life, and we have been, and are being, attacked by a group of people whose religious agenda sadly trumps their own life. Similarly, politicians have always valued their own re-election, and now we are being attacked by a political force that is willing to sacrifice what for a liberal politician is their own life – their re-election – to advance the cause.

Most Americans were never exposed to such evil as 9-11. How could anyone be sick enough to use an airplane – a tool of mobility and industry – as a weapon? It was not only unthinkable, it was not even possible for an American to even think this way. It is totally foreign to our way of thinking, our way of life.

And now, we average Americans, the ones who are raising families, running businesses, ministering through our churches, are asking ourselves the same question: how could anyone be sick enough to use our government – an organization by, of and for the people – as a weapon? And worse, being used in such a way by those we elected to represent us?

And make no mistake. Our President, and his suicidal masterminds, are doing just that.

They see government, not as a necessary evil, but as a weapon. A weapon of control.

Who would have believed, that in ten short months, the President of the United States would’ve taken over the largest car manufacturer and disposed of its CEO? Or taken over the banking industry? Or the insurance industry? Or the mortgage industry? Or the student loan program? And quadrupled an already fantastical federal debt?

And now they are trying to take over health care. And it’s not about health care, or they would fix it by eliminating defensive medicine, state boundaries, ridiculous lawsuits and the hiding of the cost to the  consumer. It’s about control.

Liberals see health care as the crown jewel, the pearl of great price, if you will. They are willing to sacrifice everything – even their own political existence – to gain it. For they know to gain health care is to gain the world of control. Over you.

Witness their behavior, behavior that can only be explained by religious fervency.

We have a President, a Chicago-style political thug, who speaks about himself in hopelessly narcissistic, religious, even Messianic overtones. We have arrived for such a time as this. The seas will recede, and the planet will begin to heal.  It is this same President who is asking, nay, secretly demanding that his followers blow themselves up in the face of overwhelming public opposition, for his sake.

The difference is, he’s not speaking from a cave, on a grainy video, but in the open, on prime time soon-to-be funded-and-controlled-by-government media.

We have liberals in Congress who are willing to blow themselves up politically, and the health care industry with it, for his sake, for the sake of the cause.

What they don’t realize is what suicide bombers don’t realize either. That they are dead, and those who have asked them to sacrifice their life do not themselves make the same sacrifice. They have been used and abused as pawns in the greater game, and those in charge are well, still in charge.

Make no mistake. This is nothing more than a life-and-death struggle for the future of our nation. And those who are trying to take it down give no thought for their own political lives.

When will conservatives realize that this is not business as usual? It’s not about honor, handshakes and promises, and protecting your seat. This is a blood sport to liberals, who see government not as something to be tolerated, but an object of worship. And in this fight, there is no restraint – they will stop at nothing.

You cannot fight this fight by threatening their loss of seats and, ultimately, control. They don’t care. They will give up everything to gain health care. The President will throw every one of them under the bus, in fact is throwing every one of them under the bus, to gain control of health care. They will lose control of Congress, and it won’t matter, because they gained the pearl, and every attempt to roll it back will be vetoed.

He’s already got cars, money, insurance, mortgages, and student loans. And he’s shooting for health care.

It’s the political suicide bombing of America.