Another Big Defense Spending Lie

Obama Wants Weapons-Buying Bill by Memorial Day


WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama says he wants Congress to send him a bill by Memorial Day to save billions of dollars by overhauling the process for buying military weapons systems……………..

The president says government auditors have identified $295 billion in wasteful spending on Defense Department programs that could have been spent to protect U.S. troops or on other needs.


A couple of months ago Obama had a press conference that discussed this same $295 billion AS COST OVERRUNS, which is not necessarily wasteful spending and in many cases has nothing to do with waste. For example the DOD might project the cost to buy a certain weapon system for 10 years. Well do due technology changes or requirement changes that weapon becomes more expensive. So orginally over ten years the cost was to be $80 billion now it is $90 billion, that is a $10 billion cost overrun from the original projection.

Well at that time (you can check my diary) I predicted that “cost overrun” would morph into “wasteful spending” Owellian style allowing Obama to slash the budget and say he was just cutting wasteful spending which no one, in theory, would argue against.

I have also commented that the reason Obama thinks it is fine to cut defense is because he does not believe the US has enemies now that he is in charge. I said Obama and the Democrats see enemies INTERNALLY and this was before DHS published the “right wing terrorist” report.

While I am someone proud of my predictive accuracy I did learn at the EIB Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies under El Rushbo.