Seven Days in May but this time it works

Pentagon Won’t Echo Obama No-Nukes Pledge




WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is starting work on a nuclear mission statement that envisions the U.S. maintaining its atomic weapons stockpile for the next five to 10 years, a far more cautious stance than than President Barack Obama’s dream of a nuclear-free future.


The “nuclear posture review” due early next year will focus on the practical and nearer-term goal of deterring the use and spread of weapons, Pentagon officials said Thursday. It is not likely to echo Obama’s pledge to work for “global zero,” or total eradication, as an explicit goal.


If anyone remembers the movie “Seven Days in May” it was about a plot by the military to take control of the federal government because the office of the president is held by a naive man who wants to totally disarm the US leaving us open to surprise attack. The plot is foiled in the movie. I say remake the movie and let the plot be successful. Then after the militray leader “teaches” the appeasement peacniks how dangerous the world is, he steps down after rebuilding the military and calling an election to restore the Republic. The final scene is the leader in full military uniform heading off to Leavenworth for life, but knowing he has saved the Republic.

Ms. Napolitano, this is an imaginary movie idea don’t send the DHS brownshirts to get me 🙂