Talk Radio - The Right Left Divide - The Future of Republicans - Open Thread

Although I have diarized and commented on the need to maintain a strong conservatism based on the founding principles of the nation every once in awhile I get frustrated with what looks like a real uphill battle.

Although, not a perfect representation of an average left wing or right wing voter/person, I can’t help but be shocked by the divide. As an example a conservative caller will talk about tax cuts, military strength, smaller government, etc. A liberal caller, despite the current explosion of government spending, wants the government to do more and more and more. They want free healthcare, more cuts to defense, get their mortgage paid, get free government cheese, etc.

Listening to these callers tells me two things 1) It will be difficult to educate enough people, to sway enough people that conservatism is the way to go but more importantly 2) Moving to the left to try and get the centrist or liberal voter will result in the death of the Republican party. You will never be able to bribe enough of the liberals to vote for you if the first place and any that you do will result in the loss of two times the number of conservatives.

So the battle is going to be hard and long. But that said 2010 is still key as a first battle on the road to ultimately taking back the country.