The Weakening of the United States Continues

Sen. John Kerry wants the Senate to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treay (CTBT) that was last voted down ten years ago under Clinton and not brought to the floor again under Bush. The US has been reluctant to sign this treaty that bans all future nuclear weapons tests because the nuclear labs cannot insure the safety and surety of our nuclear arsenal indefinately without testing. We want to be able to test in the future to make sure the bombs work.

The Obama administration eventually wants a “zero nukes” world and will see the ratification of this treaty as key to their “silent” strategy of letting the ENTIRE nuclear enterprise “die on the vine”. The problem is that while there are still some in Congress that would oppose the move to zero nuclear weapons and would oppose executive action to do this, what they cannot stop is putting in place a policy of neglect that will allow the arsenal to decay to the point that no future President or military leader in the National Command Authority has any confidence in this key military capability.

Once this is accomplished the cost to rebuild the infrastructure, let alone the time to do it, will effectively de-nuclearize the US. To remind everyone, EVERY OTHER nuclear power is in the process of modernizing their arsenals!

My other point is this; Why do the Dems and left ONLY propose things that weaken the US with no counter balance AT ALL. I am a defense hawk but could maybe agree to deep cuts in the nuclear arsenal if the Dems were going to increase the budget and build up our conventional forces, BUT THEY ARE CUTTING THOSE AS WELL. In fact, I would find it acceptable if they said “Well we are going to build this global missile defense shield so we don’t need nukes” BUT MISSILE DEFENSE IS TO BE CUT. This is insane!

They are changing the Global War on Terror to Overseas Contingency Operation. They may release GITMO terrorists on US soil AND GIVE THEM WELFARE, etc., etc.

If you hired a home security consultant to help protect your home and family and he (as he looks at your silverware) recommended taking the locks off the windows and doors would you think he maybe does not have the protection of your family in mind.

When you add these all together it is difficult not to conclude that our very elcted government in engaged in a policy suicide at best or treason at worst!