Time to go "All In" to support the Free Market

Can the Republicans fight Obama and the Dems with a call to arms to Americans to support the Constitution and Free Market?

Now I am massively biased towards the conservative principles of smaller government, less taxes and support for the free market. I get moved when I hear Reagan speak so eloquently about these principles. I get so annoyed when I hear leftists tearing this great country down and building up government. The thought of given more of my liberty to nameless, faceless bureaucrats in some far off city DRIVES ME CRAZY!!.

For me freedom, liberty and capitalism are so far superior to any other economic systems I yearn for someone to not only defend it but to say we need to expand it. I’m the type of guy who goes into a Walmart and looks at the shelves in AWE of the power of the market. To remind people, in the old Soviet Union you had to stand in line FOR BASIC ITEMS and could not even hope to get specialty items. I can go into a Walmart and literally fill and empty house with everything I need FROM ONE STORE AT ONE OF SEVERAL LOCATIONS IN MY CITY. IT IS INCREDIBLE.

We must always be aware fo the fact that the left attacks American capitalism BECAUSE OF ITS’ SUCCESS not its failures. They want you to believe the entire system is corrupt. At protests for AIG bonuses there were as many “Capitalism is Bad” signs as “AIG is Bad” (lumping the negativeness into my own description) America would never change to the socialist utopia they want without tearing the whole system down.

My proof, again look at Walmart. They are the most successsful retailer because they provide affordable products to the most people in history. They have saved people billions upon billions of dollars, that, guess what, gets spent on other things. More jobs and a higher standard of living. The left has targeted Walmart for years, how else can this be explained. WALMART HELPS POOR PEOPLE with cheap products! The left’s policies destroy the poor.

Can we find the “Great Communicator” of these principles? Newt Gringrich and Mitt Romney are good at this along with lesser well known people like Larry Kudlow (run Larry run for office please) and Steve Moore and there are others.

We can win in 2012 but the candidate has to be not only unapologetic in his defense but ARTICULATE.