Cramer vs. Stewart - Open Thread

Although I was reluctant to listen to the “Daily Show” interview, not wanting to waste my time, I did listen to quotes from the Fred Thompsom radio show.

Firstly, John Stewart (or his writers) know nothing about the financial markets. But as disconcerting was that Cramer could not even answer back with any level of intelligence. Now I know this was because Cramer was “kissing butt” – and should be ashamed – but he talked to Stewart about doing a better job of providing information and then failed to provide information of Stewart’s BS. Secondly, by not calling Stewart an idiot he gives him credibility that he knows what he is talking about.

The difficulty with analysis of these types of media “events” is that the analysis of the ignorance and errors would take a complete economics lesson. It cannot be done briefly and that is what the left counts on. They can shout Bush scewed up the economy and our response is “no he didn’t” or sit down for three hours – at least – and I’ll explain what is going on, guess what happens?

This is the philosophical weakness of conservatism. Our positions take time to explain and understand (just reality I’m not being negative) while the left can say “feed the poor”, “Bush’s fault”, “no war for oil”, “deregulation caused this” or “Cheney/Halliburton” with no follow up. The left has created the perfect lazy philosophy for today’s lazy citizen.