The Republicans and the P3 Gap

Philosophy – Policy – Politics.

Philosophy – things like honoring the Constitution, personal freedom, liberty, smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense.
Policy – We are reducing tax brackets, cutting payroll taxes, eliminating the Department of Commerce, deploying missile defense and securing the border as examples.
Politics – creating “on the ground” movement and message that will win elections.

Rush and people like Mark Levin are arguing that we have to define conservative philosophy, match policy to that philosophy and then the politics will follow, election wins, because the US is still center right.

The David Frum/David Brooks wing are saying the exact opposite. See what it takes to win elections,  politics. Make policy that will equate to political wins. Even if it goes against philosophy because today’s voter does not care about philosophy. They think because of demographics and someone as leftwing as Obama winning the presidency that the US is center left.

Now we can look at results of the two camps and pick for the Republicans what works.

1980/84 –  Reagan is a philosophical conservative, creates policy to match that philosophy and wins two landslides.
1994 – Newt is a philosophical conservative, creates “Contract with America” policies that match that philosophy. Republicans win elections.
2000 – Bush is perceived as a philosophical conservative, promotes policies that match (mostly, like tax cuts, national defense, the ownership society, social security partial privitization) and wins elections.

Since then, in short, Republicans do the opposite. To win elections they play politics and have policies they “beleive” will help them win – big spending, earmarks, prescription drugs, amnesty (getting the Hispanic vote) etc. The policies go against conservative philosophy AND THEY LOSE ELECTIONS.

With the exception of the Bush 2004 victory which one could argue was helped by Kerry being a tremendously poor candidate and the US being at war (Bush was better on national defense) the Republicans have lost using the Frum/Brooks plan and won using the Limbaugh/Levin plan.

McCain was the candidate of the Frum/Brooks wing and LOST to the most inexperienced leftist candidate in American history. Now they want to repeat this strategy, what was that one definition of insanity again?

Which path do we take? The tried and tested road to electoral victory or a Democrat/Leftist “light” strategy to permanent minority status.