National Defense targeted again

Obama talks about “cost overruns” for DOD weapons at $230 billion. But pay attention to the insidious lie he tells. He says that money is “wasted”. That’s not accurate. Let’s say ten years ago the DOD estmates the F-35 fighter program will cost $200 billion over the next 20 years. Then five years later says the same program costs $230 billion, that is calculated as a $30 billion cost overrun. But the money has not been spent and it is usually caused by several factors. By NO MEANS is it just wasted money. The military may have cut the number to be produced, increased capabilities or whatever.

Once again we see Obama LYING to advance his agenda. My prediction; you read it here first. He will use this to cut the defense budget by $230 or so billion and then say “he is only cutting the wasteful spending”. But what will get cut is most all of the next generation weapon systems. Then the defense contractors will begin the lay-offs. So more money for ACORN but high tech workers will lose their jobs. It is all about power and creating dependancy.

Prediction #2 – the left hates the military and hates that the US is the worlds only superpower. By weakening the military the US will no longer be able to project military power.