Sharpton Mad......What?

Al Sharpton is mad at a NY Post cartoon showing two policemen standing over the body of the dead chimpanzee that went crazy with the caption “now Obama will have to find someone else to write the next stimulas bill”

Sharpton says it refers to Obama………sorry Al not even close. First Obama did not even write the bill and second the caption is easily constued as the stimulas bill is so insane it must have been written by a crazy monkey, actually quite funny.

Why is the left so obsessed with race. It grew to such epic proporations during this election as to become a caricature of itself. The best of the worst was the claim that calling Obama a socialist was racist. National Review Online on its corner blog, I believe, went through a long list of socialists and they were mostly all white Europeans. 

The left solely stands in the way of racial harmony in this country.