More Cuts for National Security

From Global Security Newswire – Obama to cut all funding for the Reliable Replacement Warhead and any design of future nuclear weapons. The design of new supercomputers to help maintain the existing nuclear weapons stockpile also to be cut. Obama/Clinton are already indicating they will give away the European missile defense for something from the Russians.

Eight billion dollars for a Maglev train from Vegas to Disneyland but no money for strategic weapons. I think I may cancel my subscriptions to Aviation Week and Defense News. Why read about the cuts and destruction of the military.

People talk about the Europeanization of the US economy, well let me postulate “phase II” of this plan by the left. What can Europe not do? Project military force to a great degree. The US had to provide 2/3 of the airlift in the Balkans, Europe’s back yard. That’s like asking your brother who lives on the other side of the country to help you move the couch in your house across the room.

By the end of the Obama administration the Carter military will look good by comparison.