If Gallup Poll is Accurate?

Just released Gallup Poll – and why Obama is on the road talking stimulas – is the question “who is doing a better job on the stimulas?”

1) Obama – 61%

2) Dems – 41%

3) Reps – 31%

If these numbers are accurate I am going back to losing all hope for the American public as obviously about 50% or so of them are complete idiots. Obama has done nothing but talk and is still popular, question can this last four years? Dems are trying to bankrupt the country and they rate higher than Reps, I have no response but I cannot type “stunned disbelief”

While the news over the last week has me considering that this poll has something wrong with it, if taken at face value it is worrisome.

Ann Coulter commented that she tried to write a book – Guilty – that had little to do with the media but all roads led back to them. I believe this is another case of that. The media is failing this nation. Without reporting about the stimulas the President and the Dems can say anything about it and they ARE BELIEVED and that is the key to the fight.

The other point is that Rush Limbaugh has said over and over the ignorance is the most expensive commodity in America. The ignorant have become the “swing” voters that elect Dems. That is going to be very hard to overcome especially when Obama screws with the census and makes 16 million illegals citizens.