Obama Starts Unilateral Disarmament

President Obama has been in office one week.

1) Wants a treaty to ban space weapons. A treaty of this kind is imposible to verify, if fact it is hard to even define a “space” weapon. ICBM’s travel through space. The latest ballistic missile interceptors hit their targets close to space or in near space. What is also interestiing is that the Joint Direct Attack Munition or JDAM is GPS guided. It is completely dependent on space satellites for targeting. Is JDAM a “space” weapon?

2) Will not build the nuclear Relaible Replacement Warhead. The United States is the only nuclear power that does not have a nuclear weapons modernization plan in place. SecDef Gates says it is needed, General Kevin Chilton (head on Stratcom) says we need to start replacing our nukes now. Former Secdef William Perry (Clinton) just issued a report saying that the US’s nuclear deterrent may start to lose credibility with our allies and enemies alike. and may invite attack or cause our allies to build their own.

The US has not tested a new nuclear weapon since 1992 in the hopes others would follow our lead. Since then Pakistan, India and North Korea have all tested (I think France tested two bombs in 1994 or so) We have not built a new nuke since the late 80’s.

When will liberals want to defend this nation.  The last statement is rhetorical