** I don’t understand how some american people can be so blind these days. Don’t people research anything on the net anymore? Instead of playing games, ect on the net, do some research, there are so many search engines that we all can go into to search the truth. And also just watch the there faces and there emotions when they speak about america and what they are planning on doing for our country, Why can’t we find any info in obama like his college records, the names of the people that are making legal donations, if you check out McCains site you will see he only takes donatins from real people and I don’t know why any american would want us to wave the white flag to surrender to our enemies, so what they can plan another attack on the american people. Sure we all can not agree on everything that these politicans want and don’t want. Look who was also involved in the fannie and ferrdie deals and ect. wake up people and ck out the facts and remember what had happened to our country when a demo was in office. I will agree that bush started out strong and then he went down hill but we can not go by 1 presidents mistakes, democrats had gotten us in deeper messes and its going to take John McCain to get us out of this. I will be voting for McCain/Palin in nov. We also need a woman in office and thank god that obama did not pick hillary as his running mate, we all should recall what her husband did in office and not his cheating either. SO WAKE UP AMERICAN CITIZENS AND VOTE FOR JOHN MCCAIN!!!!