Revealed: Despotic Obama

Many of us who have warned against Barack Obama and his agenda since the 2007-2008 election cycle are relieved.  Barack Obama has come out of the closet to reveal exactly what we’ve been saying:  He’s the anti-thesis of that which has made America great; his agenda is despotic.

Charles de Montesquieu writes, “…in despotic government, one alone, without law and without rule, draws everything along by his will and caprices.”

Neither space nor time permits an exhaustive accounting of this president’s long list of circumvention of Congress, the absolute disregard for the separation of powers in respect to the Constitution’s enumerated powers assigned to the executive branch, or the use of federal agencies to legislate through regulation.  However, let’s just look at two events since last week that demonstrates the authentic Barack Obama.

The directive given by President Obama to the Dept of Homeland Security that appears to allow children to remain in the country and receive work permits with no penalty due to their “parent’s actions.”  Digging into the specifics of the proposal shows a tremendous variation from the optics of protecting children, but excuses even 30-year-olds who have entered the country themselves illegally.

Forget the policy, focus on the process.  For a constitutional law professor, Barack Obama blatantly ignores the legislative process that constitutionally should and could occur that might yield this same proposal, yet was trampled under foot as if he rules in a nation on a foreign continent.

Second, the invocation of executive privilege to protect his pal Eric Holder, soon to be named the government official most likely to dodge the laws he is to enforce, again aligns a leftist agenda with Obama’s actions.  As Holder earns his slimy superlative, Barack Obama and his team offer a legitimate privilege to a government agency that is not constitutionally mandated proving either many have perjured themselves claiming no presidential involvement in Fast and Furious or that this is a purely political act in an election year where the incumbent is tired of wearing a snorkel.

British Whig politician Thomas Macaulay nailed it: “A good constitution is infinitely better than the best despot.”

Time for America to make the right choice.