In August Alone

With “Trillions” of dollars now flying around in the political lexicon like the wind, let’s look at how reckless congressional and government spending has created this crisis.

In August alone, the Bipartisan Policy Center projects that the U.S. Treasury will receive approximately $172 billion into the coffers from federal revenues. However, August’s approved spending by the U.S. Congress totals $307 billion. In just one month, the U.S. government will spend $135 billion more than we are able to afford…In August alone!

Many have caved to “Party Bosses” or “experts” and dare to distance themselves from Constitutional  Conservatives, Tea Party members or whatever label helps distract from the issue at hand.  Rather than stand strong for the absolute solution, it’s easier to perpetuate the lie of a “default” to justify their lack of convictions.  It’s apparently more risky to chance the label of a conservative than it is to continue down the path of national destruction.

The solution is to cut spending now, cap spending in the future and balance the budget.  Instead, we’re getting a Congressional Super Committee to do the job that Members refuse to do.

Signed a very proud opponent of any plan that doesn’t cut spending in the FIRST year, cap spending in the future and balance our budget,

Robin Smith