Dump the Ducks!

The direct relationship between those defeated, lame-duck, Members of Congress returning after their defeat and their votes supporting President Barack Obama’s pretentious “health care reform” is obvious.  The memory of voters from townhall meetings in 2009 that were completely ignored by the Democrats in Congress was evidenced by the massive losses experienced by the Reid-Pelosi-led majority.
As the remaining two weeks of the Lame Duck Congress begins, talk has surfaced that the Democrats plan a “last-ditch” effort to pass a massive omnibus spending bill fat with funding to move forward on “health care reform” efforts.  You know, the “reform” that is increasing the cost of insurance, spooking employers who’ve always made benefits available to employees, and expanding Medicaid in the states exponentially.  Yeah, that “reform”.
Are they kidding?!  To have the voice of the “people” explode in unison to cut spending, create jobs and repeal the government choking of health care met with such a cavalier shrug by these “public servants” is, well, lame!
Restore the Dream PAC is launching an effort to hold Members of Congress accountable for their votes during this “Lame Duck” session with the pledge to “Dump the Ducks”.
Accountability is the key to an effective government.  That accountability has to be to YOU!  Go to www.DumpTheDucks.org now to sign the statement of accountability & action:  “I will vote against and fight to defeat any politician that votes to fund ObamaCare in the lame duck session”. 
It’s still duck season in Washington and our aim is to rid our flush of Democratic Ducks of the lame species that has been ducking you like it’s their job!
Robin Smith is a Board Member of Restore the Dream PAC, former Congressional candidate, and former Chairwoman of the Tennessee Republican Party