$5 Million of YOUR Money...Words Can't Describe! by Robin Smith

Our nation is in a financial struggle for a healthy survival.  While there have been politicians who talk about “stimulating the economy through the Recovery Act” and others who’ve talked about tax cuts and incentives for small businesses, the U.S. Treasury keeps sending out money at the approval of Congress and agency approvals for projects too absurd to believe.

Today, it is reported that the “Stimulus Package” money, to the tune of $823,200, was spent on a study of South African “genital washing” as part of a UCLA $12 million research project.  How many American jobs did that “save or create”, Mr. President, Congress and crew?

Our hard-earned money, wasted by the U.S. government, was awarded via the National Institute of Health.  Do you want to see a few other areas of study that the NIH has funded with our money while we buckle down at home to pay our bills and cut back on our expenses?

In a June article this year, it was reported that the NIH “has so far awarded $1.44 million in federal funds to a project that, among other things, is estimating the size of the population and examining the ‘social milieu’ of male prostitutes in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

Oh, and let’s not overlook the “$2.6 million in U.S. tax dollars to train Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly on the job”, also a gem of a program funded by the National Institutes of Health.

I think it might be appropriate for anyone in the position of authority to answer a few questions for those of us who are working stiffs governed by the elite who “know better.”

     1.  Are there no studies of worth ( of the approximately $5 million discussed so far) that could’ve been done on issues in America?  Let’s say for diabetes, cancer, heart disease, preventative care?

     2.  Please speak directly to the family paying their mortgage watching their home value declining, tightening their belts and going without “luxuries” while you’ve just spent $5 million, reported in just three stories, in other countries on issues that seem to revolve around sexual deviancy?

     3.  Why should you keep your job? 

Those of us who think earmarks should be eliminated, our Congressional budget process should be based on projects that demonstrate Constitutional merit and that redistribution of our wealth on such embarrassments is criminal have been criticized and sneered upon by the more “intellectual governing class.”

I want to see who claims these three beauties.  It’s time for agencies to be audited with “credit” awarded to those in Congress who continue to embrace or turn their heads.