The New Financial Center: Washington, DC

The times in Washington demand reform.

Everyone, regardless of party affiliation, knows this and is calling for changes in the way our government handles your money.  However, I am the only 3rd District candidate who has stepped up to support earmark elimination…the practice of designating a sum of money away from its intended use and to another project, almost always a pet project of a lawmaker. 

Yesterday, I met with a representative of a very large employer who creates jobs right here in the Third District. This business leader praised me for my position and commitment toward reform.  His industry falls victim to the earmarking process by having funds redirected from the federal highway trust fund to meet general budget and/or pet projects, rather than meeting the demands for roads and transportation that will allow him to expand his business and create more badly needed jobs.

The reality is that the authorization and appropriations process exists for a reason in the Constitution:  to prioritize national spending and keep the federal government within its bounds. New York City has previously been the financial center of the world, but nest-feathering politicians have turned Washington, DC into our new financial center, to our nation’s peril.

As a parent, if I spent selfishly, lavishing myself in shopping sprees, high-dollar luxuries, etc. and then scolded my kids for wasting money, I’d be a hypocrite.  If Members of Congress and candidates pound the podium for “cuts in spending” and“reducing our dangerous deficit” while condoning the status quo, they are the same…hypocrites and not to be trusted. Reforming earmarks are not the final solution to our government’s spending problem, but they are an important start and a sign to the American people that our government finally takes this problem seriously.

I encourage you to look more deeply through the factual record of all the candidates in this race, not simply at our campaign websites.  Citizens of the 3rd District deserve a public servant, not a lifetime politician or someone suddenly conservative with no track record at home. While talk is easy, actions must prove one’s credibility.   I have not been and am not timid in choosing to stand for reforms and make tough calls with a grassroots record of 20 years that’s principled and consistent. 

This election is critical in rescuing our economy and our founding freedoms.  We’ve got serious reforms to make.  Join Team Robin to make your stand and to speak against the status quo and politics (and politicians) as usual.

While some have a record of lip service, I have a record of life service.