Conservative Principles(& the RNC Platform): Defend or Redefine

After just reading “Two Kinds of Republicans” on Red State, my thoughts go immediately to the Platform of the Republican Party.  It is reviewed and written just prior to every presidential election to reflect the beliefs and views of those who affiliate and identify themselves as “Republican”.  In its current form (http://platform.gop.com/2008Platform.pdf ) it’s pretty conservative…as it’s been.  How is it that so much effort, time and money is invested into the writing of such a document when so many seem happy to completely disregard the principles and beliefs specified?

Our entire culture is suffering from a disregard for the defined parameters of our society:  The Constitution as the Law of our Land to define the 3 branches of govt; Life now equals a “reproductive choice” or a “fetal mass”;  a govt-run health plan to elminate private health care is a “competitive option”; marriage is now blurred into “a civil union”; an “enemy combatant” involved in terror is now a “detainee”…you get the idea. 

If principles are to mean anything, we have to defend them, not redefine them.