Brokaw Gets Tough with Obama

So President-elect Obama goes on with Tom Brokaw to talk about his coming presidency.  And our boy Tom, decided that it was time to drop the gloves and put Obama’s feet to the fire.  So what topic did Tenacious Tom use as a rhetorical cudgel to batter the President-elect.

The lie of tax cuts for 95% of the American people when 40% don’t pay taxes?  No.  How about changing his mind on many of the Bush policies on the war on terror? No.  Maybe, just maybe, did Tommy go after one of the taboo subjects like Reverend Wright or Bill Ayres or Spreading the Wealth? Nope.

Tommy went after the fact that Obama said he had given up smoking but really hadn’t.  And Tommy was tenacious.  Sweat formed on the President-elect’s upper lip as he faced the whithering questioning about this most important topic for all Americans.  In fact, Barack started to get that look Nixon had in his eyes when he was questioned about the Watergate break-in.

Who said that the media was going easy on Barack?