Some thoughts on Prop 8 and Gay Marriage

Since the election the Prop 8 passage has been a major item on news broadcasts and the internet. We have seen protests at Mormon and Catholic houses of worship (but not in predominately black and hispanic neighborhoods, which Larry Elder attributes to the lack of a possibility of confrontation at the LDS and RC churches) and we have heard a variety of talking heads and opinionated celebrities rage against the voice of the people. And in all cases the support for Prop 8 is blamed on the inherent bigotry of white churches. I propose that the gay activists, talking heads and celebrities consider this.

As a Roman Catholic I view homosexual activity as a sin, and I hate sin. I am not without sin and I go to confession. I have learned and I teach my daughter that as catholics we hate the sin and love the sinner. We pray for the sinner to see the error of their ways. This is not bigotry but adherence to faith.

As a human being and an American, I do not believe that we should deny homosexuals the right to marry in civil ceremonies so as to be granted the legal rights that are afforded heterosexual married couples. Among these rights are the good (shared benefits, tax breaks and visitation rights at hospitals to name a few) and the ugly (divorce would be the big one here).

So, how can I be for civil marriage but not for the legalization of gay marriage as an enumerated right. Simple. Once it is an enumerated right then entities who choose not to offer their services for religious reasons can and will be sued. In California and other states there are incidences where merchants who choose not to do business or offer their services to gay couples who wish to marry (photographers, catering halls, landlords offering apartments in their own residences to name a few) are being taken to court for violating civil rights.

I believe, and I am certain many other people of faith do, that once gay marriage is made a legal, enumerated right then houses of worship will be sued because they are violating the rights of gay couples to pursue a legally guaranteed lifestyle. And you can be assured that gay-rights groups and the ACLU will bring their full financial and legal resources to bear on the side of those pressing the lawsuit.

With the coming Obama presidency, more and more liberal activist judges will be named to the bench and the activist groups and the ACLU will work the system to get in front of one of these judges to get the ruling they want. For those who haven’t figured it out or for the ACLU who will be willfully blind to the fact, then we will have a true breaching of the wall that separates church and state that the activists lean on to prevent the ten commandments in the courts and prayer in the schools.