Correcting the Early Missteps

This morning I tuned into the 2nd hour of the Mike Gallagher show on WNYM in New York. The topic turned out to be about an article, by whom I know not, that questioned why Barack Obama would not be attending his grandmothers funeral. Mike referred to a few possibile reasons and inevitably an Obama supporter called in claiming that the host was sarcastically attacking Obama and insulting the memory of his grandmother. Needless to say, the cringe factor on my part was enormous. When I got home I wrote an e-mail to Mike and I will go into greater detail here about what I suggested.

If conservatives republicans are to rebuild our party to truly represent us and to take on the left in subsequent elections, we need to avoid personal issues. Especially in the case of the President-elect as it appears that any slight or disagreement will be referred to as a mean-spirited attack that is tinged with racism. This is not how to rebuild a party of ideas. We must all agree that the personal life of the president-elect and of democratic leaders are off limits UNLESS their personal decisions will have any import into their political decisions.

For example, if President-elect Obama engages in direct meetings with the leaders of Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Russia or China without preconditions because he believes his force of personality will win the day and he states this officially, then he is to be challenged. But, if as in the case of his grandmothers funeral, he decides not to attend and states that it is for a personal reason then we must avoid the subject out of respect for his personal decision.

Whether we are grassroots republican activists, elected officials or talk radio hosts, we must remain disciplined to the fact that we want to win elections through a battle of ideas and not the one-upmanship of personal attacks that has become the coin of the realm of the left. This will be difficult as the lapdog media will spin whatever we say as being mean-spirited personal attacks. But we know from poll results that the greater population has little use for the mainstream media and that when they search out the facts in the alternative media of the internet and talk radio they will see that we are acting as the loyal opposition and the left are the smear merchants.