It’s Time to Leave this Tent

I have been involved, either actively or monetarily, with the Republican Party since 1999 when I was 20 years old.  I realized that the ideals of Conservatism were the proper way to organize a society that would allow for the production of a citizenry that could reach its highest goals.  Prior to this revelation, I was floundering in the types of jobs you might suspect an aimless 20 year old to have while imbibing in marijuana.  I took a few community college classes here and there, but nothing caught my interest.

Suddenly, I realized that it was time to grow up, discover my dreams, and pursue them.  I began flying through what was left of an associates degree, reading every great Conservative thinker from Burke to Buckley, and listening to Rush Limbaugh every chance I got.  I took a job in news radio in Dallas, TX in 2002 and then in 2005 went to Navy boot camp in Great Lakes, Il.  My dreams involved serving the country that gave me such a great station in life through eventually becoming an intelligence analyst with the CIA.

Politically, I worked on the 2002 senatorial campaign of John Cornyn in Texas.  I worked on Jeb Hensarling’s first campaign for the House that same year, and I donated money to Pete Sessions and a whole host of other GOP candidates across the country.  I voted for President George W. Bush twice.  I have defended Conservative principles and the Republican Party policy in every way possible through the internet by starting my own blog, moving to Red State, and then moving to Ricochet to carry the message there.

After all of this, after all of the energy spent promoting the GOP to friends, family, and anyone who would listen, I am prepared to actively support Democrats across the board in this year’s mid-term elections.  Why?  Because the people who are in control of the GOP have, since at least 2006, not spent one iota of energy defending the ideals of Conservatism.  They spend as much energy attacking Conservative candidates who challenge their chosen candidates than they do attacking Democrats during general elections.

Since 2010, when Christine O’donnell upset GOP Establishment favorite Mike Castle in the Delaware primary, the GOP ruling class has gone out of their way to quietly discredit Tea Party supported candidates.  Republican strategist Mike Murphy was reported to have said “You know how to win elections. You go in there and you move to Delaware. You run her campaign. Sarah Palin, you know how to do this, you go in there run her campaign.”  In Nevada, the Tea Party victor of the GOP primary, Sharon Angle, received scant support from the DC GOP and seemed to only warrant lip service when it came to stumping hard for her campaign.  And then there is what happened this past fall with Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia.  Cuccinelli received “no funding from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and his $3 million from the RNC was just one-third the amount the committee spent for his predecessor four years ago.”  And of course there was 2012 when the GOP establishment and their consultants were urging those campaigning for Mitt Romney to not get “personal” when attacking Barack Obama as he was urging his voters to do it out of “revenge.”

This past Tuesday, while there may not have been a money trail, there was certainly Establishment fingerprints all over the “victory” of Thad Cochran in the Mississippi run-off election against challenger Chris McDaniel.  The Chamber of Commerce, absent in the Cuccinelli race for Virginia governor, was front and center for Thad.  And, in the midst of the race between the run-off and the first primary vote, some one was running adds in black counties saying that McDaniel was wanting to take away their right to vote and that they should vote for Thad.  Did the RNC, NRSC, McConnell, or any other GOP Establishment swine call on Thad to renounce those fliers?  No, the did not.

The GOP Establishment has made it clear:  they would rather be on better terms with the Democrats in Washington than have Conservatives in the ranks on the national stage.  The GOP is no different than the Democrat Party with one exception:  the GOP simply wants control of the levers of power, while the Democrats are actively seeking to do great harm to the country.  Either way you look at it, the GOP is an accomplice in this harm that the Democrats are getting away with.

After spending much of my adult life supporting this Party in the hopes of keeping liberty for the individual alive in this country, I have come to the realization that this same Party is willing to viciously attack me and others like me if we get too close to power in Washington.  As such, I am urging every Conservative in the state of Mississippi and Kentucky and any where else where you feel like the GOP is as big a threat to you as the Democrat Party to stay home this November.  Do not give these duplicitous demons the satisfaction of wielding that power they so covet.  Do not allow people like McConnell sham you into thinking that they have your best interests at heart when they go on pursuing piecemeal implementation of Cap and Trade and “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” aka amnesty for a group of people who want to vote for bigger government and less freedom.  If the GOP Establishment will not allow for Republican primary voters to decide who will represent them in the general, then do not give them the satisfaction of election victory.