McConnell Is Not the Only Target

In the wake of the debt ceiling capitulation many on here at Red State have taken to expressing their continued and fervent support for Matt Bevin and ousting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).  This is, of course, a noble and very important cause.  It should go without saying that 65 percent of the problem Conservatives have had in the Senate in stopping the Obama socialization of the United States is the senior Senator from Kentucky.  Taking him down in the May primary will send shock waves through the GOP headquarters in DC, especially if Mr. Bevin can turn around and pick up the victory in November.  However, it should also go without saying that taking McConnell out will not be enough.  There are other big targets that could be seriously challenged, and they should be if the GOP is going to be brought back to the Goldwater/Reagan ethos that is so glaringly lacking today.

The other top three targets for Red Staters and Tea Partiers should be, if they are not already, Texas Senator John Cornyn, Ohio District 8 Congressman John Boehner, and Virginia 7 Congressman Eric Cantor.  Regardless of the rating given to each of these gentlemen from this or that Conservative group, one thing is as clear as ever: when it comes to standing on their conservative principles in the face of a difficult political fight they are more inclined to choose the less arduous, more expedient political route.  Case in point is the most recent episode involving the passage of a “clean” debt ceiling bill.  After being told for all of 2013 that this would be the battle of all battles fought and led by the GOP Establishment, the battle came and went without hardly a shot fired.  These three gentlemen were at the forefront of selling out the Conservative base of the GOP by displaying zero effort in curtailing the already tremendous amount of debt that the United States government has produced.

Senator Cornyn is being challenged by a large number of different candidates according to Politics1.com.  One in particular that seems to represent precisely what the Tea Party wants represented in Washington DC is Chris Mapp.  One of the impressive things that stands out on his campaign page is that he writes a lot of his own critiques of what is going on in Washington.  He is a self-employed individual whose primary issues of concern are the national debt, entitlements, and immigration.  On his home page he features an interview that he gave to Texpatriot on 31 January in which he states that the American people are a very diverse bunch and, because of that, it is incumbent upon those on the federal level to recognize that there cannot be a top-down approach to governing.  He seems to get it, by which is meant, he seems to understand that the best form of government is that which allows the individual to govern themselves.

Congressman Boehner is the current Speaker of the House.  He has a very American story in that he is the son of a bar keeper who made it to the height of power in DC.  But that is just window dressing for how he as acted as the leader of the GOP in the House of Representatives.  He claims to be for cutting debt and spending, reducing the size of government, and returning the republic to its founding functions, but in practice he has been just as instrumental in destroying this constitutional government as President Barack Obama has.  The candidate that could give him the best challenge–and possibly win if the Tea Party can get behind him–is Mr. Eric Gurr.  Mr. Gurr is another self-employed, small business owner like Mr. Mapp of Texas.  He runs a computer consulting business in West Chester, Ohio and has witnessed firsthand the effects of the Affordable Care Act on small businesses.  He has a whole list of issues that all rank pretty high in the minds of Tea Partiers, to name a few: traditional marriage, getting to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi, and standing for a non-interventionist foreign policy.

Congressman Cantor is another in the House leadership.  A couple of years ago he was an attendee of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland where the global communists meet and rub elbows and discuss how to further their globalist agenda to further enslave citizens of Western Civilization.  Cantor’s biggest take away from Davos was the need to reform US immigration such that there are basically no borders and therefore no sovereignty for the United States.  The challenger who looks like he could be the best bet to remove Cantor from office is Mr. Pete Greenwald.  Mr. Greenwald is a veteran of Afghanistan in the US Navy Reserves.  His primary issues are implementing a flat tax and abolishing the IRS, securing the border, and attacking the national debt, amongst other issues.  Unlike Congressman Cantor, Mr. Greenwald is dedicated to returning the federal government to the people through advocating for and defending the promise of a limited, constitutional republic.  He is just the type of representative that the people of the 7th Congressional district of Virginia need.

These are three leadership targets that must be sent packing along with Senator McConnell this year.  Mssr. Mapp, Gurr, and Greenwald could all be the gentlemen who make the leadership of the GOP much more conservative than it is now.  They could provide a much needed backbone and confidence to the GOP in the House and Senate.  Along with candidates like Mr. Bevin and Mr. Sasse of Nebraska the US Senate could become that much more conservative and become a tougher opponent for Harry Reid and Barack Obama.  The defeats of Congressmen Boehner and Cantor not only would remove establishment Republicans from office but it would open up two leadership positions in the House that could be filled by individuals who actually want to attack the Democrats for wanting to turn the US into a Western European-style socialist democracy.  It starts by funding these campaigns and getting in touch with people in these districts and states to show up to the polls and vote for the true Conservatives.