Rules for Radicals

Since Barack Obama came to office I have been struck by the number of times I have seen, read, heard, etc. people say that Obama, members of the media, or the Left in general should be ashamed for the way in which they handle their political actions.  First it was the Van Jones incident and people asking why Obama did not know about Jones’ devotion to communism.  Then, as 2012 rolled around, it was how could Obama allow some of the things his campaign is saying to be said.  According to them Romney hated dogs, killed blue collar workers’ wives with cancer, and enjoyed bounding women together for his own amusement.  Then there was the calls for the media to discover their conscience and start asking questions about how the economy is really doing, why a movie was blamed for Benghazi, or whether or not it was really good for the country to accuse anyone who criticized Obama of blatant, inherent, or innate racism.  In general the past six years has been filled with many on the Right asking where the shame is on the Left.  Well, let me just be blunt in answering this and then we can get into it:  THERE IS NOT ANY.

Who is Barack Obama?  Who is anyone that is on the Left today?  They are products of a system that has featured either pop-culture entities or professors that believe heart and soul in the substance of what Saul Alinsky wrote in Rules for Radicals.  They have, since the 1960s, excelled at taking over institutions of note, rewriting the message of those institutions to fit their outlook of America as an evil, wretched place, and passing that sentiment along to succeeding generations.  In doing this they have managed to isolate traditional American ideas, marginalize them, and set forth to remove them from the field of credibility.  In one way or another this has been Obama’s political career.  He never runs against an opponent that can actually threaten his ability to win that election.  This, in general, is who the Left is.

The first example of this tactic can easily be seen in pop-culture.  Pop-culture, the modern incarnation of it in the United States, has always had a bit of in-your-face-ism to it, but there was much more examples of simply wanting to entertain the masses.  As opposed to high culture, pop-culture simply wanted to entertain, and some times see where the line of decency was.  Think back through the decades of prime-time television.  “Leave it to Beaver,” “Happy Days,” and “The Wonder Years” all presented a wholesome picture of American life.  (Yes, “The Wonder Years” also did this from a very Left-wing perspective.)  Even the risque late-night shows like “The Ed Sullivan Show” had limits when it came to what its viewers saw and heard.  Recall when the Doors was invited to the show and told that they should not use the lyric “higher” in the song “Light My Fire.”  However, while all of this was going on there were also shows like “All in the Family” that continued to insert social and political issues into the storyline and presenting these issues and their solutions from a Left-wing perspective.  In the 1990s the dam began to crack with shows like “My Two Dads” and “Ellen.”  Television was not the only realm in which the influence of the Left was put on display, but it displays the change that pop-culture underwent as a whole when the radicals from the 1960s began to infect different components of what they called “the establishment.”

The second example is political.  In order for the radical Left of the 1960s to achieve the goals that they thought political violence could achieve in the 1970s was to cut their hair, shave their unkempt beards, take a shower, and infiltrate one of the major political parties.  This phase took a little bit of time to accomplish because they had to master the language of dissembling in order to win elections so that they could implement their policies.  In some areas of the country this really was not too difficult.  Places like New York City, Chicago, and Detroit were already flush with socialists and communists, all it took was enough of these types to run for and win local elections.  Through the local, more direct route they were able to channel the money of these cities to welfare programs that harnessed minority populations to the local government and to private organizations staffed with like minded individuals who set out to increase the number of people willing to turn over portions of their lives to government.  In time, these urban areas were abandoned by those who were not willing to become wards of the state and with their abandonment went too their property to be taxed.  The lack of taxable property (money is included in this) these urban areas were forced to turn to the state level of government and then finally the federal government.  It has become so much of a success that now we hear national politicians talk about federal funding for local police departments.

The infiltration and communist shift of these institutions is a much longer story than will be allowed for this space, for no other reason than many of you probably know about this and understand it fully.  The important thing to grasp is how these two examples are used to marginalize traditional Americans so as to prevent the swelling tide of communist transformation and rolling it back.  This marginalization has been so successful that many traditional thinking Americans have even taken to marginalizing specific aspects of traditional America.  The sooner these tactics are understood, the sooner they can be implemented by Conservatives, and the sooner there can be a semblance of return to traditional America.

Pop-culture is used to make fun of and impugn traditions.  The ability to make younger Americans who are most susceptible to the message of pop-culture deem traditions to be “uncool” or even dangerous has been accomplished by making fun of it while at the same time depicting it in the most visceral ways possible.  This is why it is easy for the Left to depict George W. Bush as a bumbling idiot while at the same time being able to design and implement an Orwellian police state.  It also allows for the Left to present their insane utopian vision as being practical and very workable in the real world.  Think of the TV series “West Wing” or the new Sorkin-HBO series “Newsroom.”  In each of these series the vision of the Left is presented as inevitable and desired by vast majority of Americans while at the same time able to construct a vicious caricature of Conservatism and the GOP.  Through pop-culture perceptions are constructed and fantasy is made reality.  The effect of this is gradual and very subconscious.  It is easy to point out that during the time “West Wing” was on the air, the GOP was in control of Congress and winning a close presidential election.  This is true, no doubt, but it is also true that during this same time a Republican president and a GOP Congress passed the largest entitlement expansion since the Great Society, increased non-defense spending above what Clinton was able to achieve, and did nothing to downsize redundant social programs on the federal level.

Politically, the Left took great advantage of the benefit offered by the relentless assault on traditional America by the pop-culture.  Leftist politicians have been leveling outrageous charges against Conservatives for quite some time.  Recall that Goldwater was going to nuke the world, ditto Reagan.  Both Bushes did not care about the poor.  The list goes on and on.  But now, since the cultural marginalization seems to have taken hold at least in the eyes of the GOP Establishment, the Left has raised the ante.  Now you have people like Senator Chuck U. Schumer advocating in public that the government use its power to attack political opponents.  You have Barack Obama declaring that his followers vote out of “revenge.”  You have Jimmy Hoffa Jr. imploring teamsters to “take these sons of bitches out,” meaning you the traditional American.  After years of sowing the seeds of hate, disrespect, or just unsympathetic feelings for Conservatives and traditional Americans, the Left is harvesting that yield by exploiting the marginalization it has sprouted in the people.

It is time we fight back, and I think many of you here on Red State agree.  This is why the Tea Party was able to galvanize Conservatives because, through this movement, politicians who were willing to run for election, come to Washington DC, and stand up for traditional America.  And look at how they are treated.  They have become so marginalized by pop-culture and the Democrats that their own party leadership in the GOP is willing to call them Hobbits and “loony birds.”  How do the brave men and women who have decided that traditional values are worth defending fight back against this kind of assault?

First, they need to employ the art of marginalization themselves.  Whenever they are accused of being racist, throw the accusation back at the Left.  After all, what is more racist, hoping for a sector of society to tap into their God given potential and become self-sufficient or telling them that they are not good enough to make it in America and they should turn to the government and any attempt to get away from government will result in them being called “Uncle Toms”?  Whenever they are accused of being a part of a “war on women,” explain that there is much more to a woman than her vagina and how she uses it, since that seems to be the only concern the Left has regarding women.  Marginalize them in the same base manner in which they marginalize traditional America.  It can be very effective and, as an added bonus, the accusations thrown back at them will be true.  They DO think minorities cannot make it in life without them.  The DO think the only concern women have is whether or not they can be promiscuous and live out the false notion they have of the “predatory male” when it comes to sex.  It is time to adopt their methods of political combat.  Protest them at their own homes.  Interrupt their speeches at places like Progress for America.  Storm their offices both in their home states and in Washington if you can swing it.  Take the gloves off.

I understand that this was a very long post, and if you have made to this point I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  We are in serious times, as “we” always have been throughout history.  We are in the fight of our lives, but it is one that we can win.  It takes courage, which I know we all have because we have been the ones fighting since November 2008.  We have been the ones running for election promising to stand up for tradition and voting for those who espouse those sentiments.  It is now time to step up the tactics.  The Left already declared unrestricted warfare a long, long time ago.  We can either continue to use a Victorian notion of combat against them, or realize that they are using an insurgency style of warfare and match their tactics with the same.