B. Hussein's insidiously evil plans for domination!

Recently on Rusty Humphries radio program, a rather enlightening segment revealed some specifics of the Socialized Health Care Bill that should truly frighten us all.  I did some honest research and found that Chuck Norris outlined some of the dangers in Barry Hussein’s big-government proposals with his exposure of Dirty Secret #1, that Obama plans to have government agents come into your home and usurp parental rights over child care and development.  Everybody knows that HR3200 is a hostile, socialist government takeover of your hospital, doctors, children, and grandparents.  I discovered that respected bioethicist and Wash. Post Editorial Board member Charles Lane says that it will promote euthanasia.  The “Death Book” we’ve heard so much about recently only goes to show the lengths that Barry’s Thugs will go to wrest control of our magnificent Republic from the hands of truly Christian Americans, but that’s not all that’s in the bill that could be used for repression and demographic change in the Democrat Party’s favor.  It’s only the beginning.  There is no doubt that Hitler and Stalin would have loved to have had a means such as this for dispatching the millions they killed. Well, it gets even worse, it turns out that the Bill requires consultations on the use of endocrine disruptors, in certain situations, on Americans born before 1980 but after 1960, natives of Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, and Alabama, Caucasians who live in urban areas, and the pregnant women attended by Obama’s  “nurse home visitation services.”  These chemicals, although useful in many circumstances, are prescribed by the fascist nanny-state nurses to interfere with hormones in the human population.  Our tax dollars will fund this heinous program as well as providing coverage for “freestanding birth center” services, which is construed to mean that after a birth, the “certified birth attendant” will be required to carry-out not only circumcisions, but goes further to authorize other genital mutilation;  including removal of the tip of the penis to decrease fertility.  I bet this is one “service” illegal aliens won’t be covered for!  “Public Health Clinics” as well as Religious Hospitals will be required to perform genital mutilation and penis altering pharmaceutical interventions in order to modify birth rates, compelled by the government compensation that follows from instituting these massive violations of our natural rights.  Cry out in your churches, at your representatives if you can find them, and to all of your friends and family!
Don’t buy denials by liberals or Obamatrons that these services are being misinterpreted.  We know how un-American Barry is, and we know his plans for “major reform,” don’t include us.  These consultations envisioned in the Bill and covered by our heroes at the WSJ and on Rusty Humphries, are NOT voluntary.  Voluntary means ‘not unless the patient requests.’ The relevant sections let doctors initiate the consultations and gives them cash incentive to do it. Indeed, that’s an incentive impossible to resist. Patients may refuse without penalty, but many will bow to white-coated authority.  Too many of our fellow Americans are lulled to sleep by Obamaramadingdongs smooth speech, and they refuse to question authority. Bravo to Charles Lane, Rusty Humphries, and the WSJ for their work uncovering this conspiracy of a Congress that is controlled by the most radically liberal Democrats in American history!