Open Skies or Regulation Tailspin

Continuing their former boss’ big government overreach policy ideals, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s cronies Hillary Rosen and Jim Messina have their hands in the pot, this time, working against Open Skies agreements with a conglomerate of big airlines.

Open Skies agreements are made between countries to deregulate private airlines on where and when they fly.

Some claim this current issue is about free trade but with the economic statistics I’ve seen from Open Skies, our country would lose out on increased travel, trade and productivity as well as high-quality job opportunities and economic growth.

Let’s be honest, when has our country benefited from more regulation?

It’s the big three airlines, such as Delta, who want to monopolize the travel industry. They are giants and want to use their influence on regulation against their competitors. By regulating competition the cost of travel will increase universally.  The big three may benefit in the short term, however higher costs and more regulations will suffocate international travel and hinder economic expansion

The reality is we must preserve Open Skies agreements in order to preserve our open airways internationally.

Open Skies agreements have increased international travel and cargo flights to and from the United States. More than 1.1 million international visitors have come to the U.S. in 2014 as a result and on average they spend $4,300 each. That’s a $4.1 billion contribution to our GDP.

And just imagine the jobs and tax revenue these visitors bring to our cities, states and country.

Not only that, but it improves the airline industry for millions of travelers. Economists estimate airfare has fallen 32 percent on routes that fall under the Open Skies agreements versus routes that are regulated.

We must block Hillary Rosen and Jim Messina’s misleading campaign.

We must work for small government, less red tape and regulation conservatives.

We must urge the Trump Administration – attention Gary Cohn, Peter Navarro and the Domestic Policy Council – to stand up for the American people and safeguard our American jobs and interests.

We must end the subsidy and tariff war before it escalates even further.