Obama is No Dennis Kucinich

With this latest flip flop on drilling, it occurred to me that Obama is the anti-Dennis Kucinich.

I’ve always liked Kucinich, but I never knew why. Now I’ve figured it out.

Dennis Kucinich has ridiculous ideas for America, but he is a sincere man. He stands up for what he believes is best for our country and fights for those ideas come hell or high water.

I strongly disagree with Dennis, but I admire him for fighting for a better America as best he understands it.

Dennis Kucinich has the courage to tell us what he believes even when he knows it won’t sell, and in the face of certain defeat, he does it with a smile and can laugh at himself in the process.

Barack Obama has none of those virtues.

Will Obama stand by his friends when it is politically inconvenient? No, just ask Rev. Wright.

Will Obama stand up for what he believes is right in the face of opposition? No, flipping on drilling is just the latest example.

Will Obama even tell us the truth about what he believes? No, he tells us he always supported what he used to oppose, and tells us it’s our fault for not listening.

Dennis Kucinich may be misguided, but he is an honest man with the courage of his convictions,

…and Barack Obama is no Dennis Kucinich.