Rep. Heather Wilson a possible McCain VP

With all the talk about McCain picking Romney, Pawlenty or Portman as a running mate, I think we shouldn’t ignore some possible dark horses. Case in point, Rep. Heather Wilson (NM-01). She is the only female veteran in congress with a resume that rivals John McCain’s. Plus she has been elected 5 times from a democratic leaning district in the swing state of New Mexico.

She caught my attention when she ripped David Schuster a new one today defending John McCain on MSNBC. Selecting a female VP has obvious advantages. With her strong national security credentials, she is a very plausible commander in chief and has shown that she can be an eloquent and forceful advocate for Sen. McCain.

Here is a clip of Rep. Wilson crushing Rep. Robert Wexler on Hardball. Below the clip are some background facts on Rep. Wilson. RedState’ers, is it just me or is she a dark horse to watch?

Here’s some background:

She is 47 and had been in Congress since 1998.

She graduated as a Distinguished Graduate (magna cum laude equivalent) from the U.S. Air Force Academy.

She was member of the National Security Council as Director for European Defense Policy and Arms Control.

She was a Rhodes Scholar and has a Doctorate in International Relations from Oxford.

She currently serves on the Energy and Commerce Committee and the Select Committee on Intelligence.

She has a 78% rating from National Right to Life, indicating that she is generally pro-life, with some moderations such as support for embryonic stem cell research.

She is a strong advocate for victory in Iraq.

On June 3rd, she lost the Republican Senate primary by 51% to 49% to Congressman Steve Pearce to replace Sen. Pete Domenici.

The only possible negative I could find is that she was involved in the controversy over the firing of U.S. attorneys.