A possible opening for McCain

I was thinking about Sen. McCain’s strength with national security issues and his relative message weakness on economics. It occurred to me that it may be possible to apply McCain’s image of strength and patriotism to economic issues.

McCain could make the point that Obama is too weak to make the tough decisions necessary for the economic good of the country as a whole. I’ve sketched out the text of a possible 30 second ad to make this point. I’d appreciate opinions about whether this approach might be effective.

“Our economy’s in trouble. Gas is over $4 a gallon and Americans are worried about their jobs. John McCain is ready to lead. John McCain will build 45 new nuclear power plants and allow states to develop our offshore energy reserves, providing new domestic energy for our economy and creating two million new high paying jobs.

Barack Obama said No. The left wing special interest groups are against new energy and new jobs, and Sen. Obama won’t stand up to them.

We need a president who has the courage to put our country first.

John McCain”