Message to Californians

Message to Californians:

Feel alienated because California voted for Hillary by 65-35% margins while the rest of the country gave Trump millions more votes than Hillary?

Don’t want to be ruled by voters a thousand (or more) miles away in Middle America who voted for Trump?

Don’t like our opposition to national health care? Don’t like Trump’s position on gay rights? Don’t like his position on abortion?

Perhaps then it is time then for you to become familiar with a concept called Federalism. Basically, Federalism means that states are free to construct their laws in accordance with the values of the voters within their state.

Want the government to provide health care for all?

Nothing stopping you.

Democrats control the legislature in California and governor’s office. Just ask them to write a bill creating a single payer if that’s what you want.

Want even friendlier rules for gays?

Again, nothing stopping you.

Want even freer abortion rules?

Yes, nothing stopping you.

Find your own path California. You have the freedom under the Constitution to take these actions (and more). Although the responsibility to pay for these actions will also be yours. Think your views of government are better than the rest of the country? Prove it. If California’s actions are successful, more states will follow your lead. If they are not, other states will learn from your mistakes. But it will be up to the voters in each state, not you, whether we follow your lead.

O.K. California the ball is in your court. You have the power. Don’t whine that the Federal government won’t do something for you.

Stand tall and do it yourself! Time to put up or shut up. Show us we are wrong– if you can.

This is Federalism.