Trump Carter 2016???

Trump Carter Bumper Sticker

Trump supported Carter over Reagan. Not just with his campaign contributions but also in words. Trump supporters may not remember why this matters.

For those Trump supporters and younger voters let me remind you what was wrong with Carter:

  • Under Carter, regulation of the economy was pervasive. For example, a trucking service could not decide what routes to offer or what prices to charge! The government decided whether a trucking company could enter/leave a market. You can bet that the politically connected kept competitors out. Prices for shipping were extremely high and helped kill the economy.
  • Under Carter, the government had marginal tax rates of 70% for high earners. So, for example, if you were a doctor who charged a patient $100, you had to pay $70 of it in taxes. Yes, the doctor would only keep $30 of the $100 he earned. Additionally, the government had “bonus” taxes for the very well-off that would bring the marginal rate to 84%!
  • Under Carter, our military forces were weakened to the point that in testimony before congress military leaders used the term “hollow army” to describe our military readiness. The willingness of Carter to allow American military capability to deteriorate in the face of growing Soviet aggression was reprehensible.
  • Under Carter’s economic policies the unemployment rate grew to 10.3% (until the Reagan tax cuts took effect in 1983)
  • Under Carter, the inflation rate soared to 14%. So something that cost $10,000 last year cost $11,400 next year.

Trump has continued his support of liberal Democrats. He gave to Hillary’s 2008 Presidential campaign not once, not twice, but four times! We might understand one time to keep political connections open but four times???

Someone who supported these types of policies should never be near the White House (unless their opponent holds views just as bad or worse)