The Great Press Conference of 2015

If the Warren Wing of the news media succeeds in driving Hillary Clinton from the 2016 presidential race, as now seems possible,  Hillary herself will have helped them do it with her disastrous performance on Tuesday.

Writers and editors at The New York Times, the Huffington Post, and several other left-leaning ‘news’ outlets have been taking Hillary to task for over a week concerning her use of a private email server while representing the United States as its chief diplomat. News about private email servers is about as boring as news gets, so when we see a “growing controversy” that not only won’t go away but flits from one left-wing source to another, flickering like a flame with the obvious intent of burning its target, we know that the dreaded liberal media has declared war on another Republican. Here comes the drumbeat, and it isn’t going to stop until the intended victim is driven from public life in shame.

These left-wing writers and editors are correct about Hillary Clinton: she is unfit to be the Democrat nominee. And she is certainly unfit to serve as President of the United States. She proved today that in preparing herself to run for president in 2016, she surrounded herself with people who cannot think outside the box, who cannot see opportunity when it is staring them in the face, and who last used their minds in the 1990s.

The Clinton team approached the task of “answering the questions” as if the people raising the questions were Matt Drudge and the ghost of Andrew Breitbart instead of on-air personalities at MSNBC and the editorial crew at The New York Times. She went out of her way this afternoon to inject a gratuitous partisan edge to the proceedings by attacking Republicans about an issue involving Iran. No one had asked her about Iran. It was all too transparently a politician reminding her friends in the Democratic media that she expected some help here… she is being attacked by Republicans, and she needs some air cover… the kind they were all too willing to provide her husband whenever he needed a story spiked or a set of talking points delivered.

It’s as if her team did not see, and could not conceive of, an attack from the left. They appear to literally not get it that the news outlets driving this story are solidly liberal and solidly Democratic. It is they who want her gone. They have apparently decided that the liberal cause, and hence the Democratic Party, will be better served by having someone else heading the ticket in 2016. To make that happen, Hillary must be pushed out of the way. And if there’s one thing the liberal media knows how to do, it’s push somebody out of the way with never ending questions, concerns, doubts, and revelations.

None of the things Hillary said today actually matter. There are some interesting questions concerning the meaning of “is” (is an email from the CEO of General Motors about Buick sales in China “work related”? It’s not State Department business, is it. Depends on the meaning of “is”). The Clinton modus operandi has long included one spouse occupying some official capacity like Governor, while the other holds the bag open for donations to a good cause. Was that happening here? We’ll never know. It’s none of our business. Let us summarize her statements by noting that like any good 90s technologist, Clinton would have needed two phones to have two email addresses. Not only that, but neither she nor her people seem to understand how silly that sounds now.

A Hillary that was really ready to be president would have understood what was actually going on — an attack from the liberal wing of the Democratic Party to push her aside in favor of someone else (presumably E. Warren) — and nipped it in the bud. The way to do that was to walk up to the microphone and announce her candidacy for the Democratic nomination to be President of the United States. That would have knocked her adversaries backwards, put them in a position where further attacks would be uncomfortable, and pushed the email story right off the grid. Tonight the news would be gushing Hillary from one end to the other.

Instead she has another snotty little attack from the Huffington Post about “Thirteen Questions,” and still more fire-and-brimstone from MSNBC. The New York Times is saying that she “tried to quell the controversy,” which basically says that there’s still a controversy and she didn’t quell it. Anyone who watched The New York Times twist itself into pretzel shapes to defend Bill Clinton can only watch this and think, “They hate her. They really hate her.”