And That's the Way It Is

Among the many Americans rendered ignorant about current events by too much dependence on mainstream media we must now count one Charles Gibson, anchor of the ABC World News. Michelle Malkin tells the story:

Several Chicago readers and Twitterers report that ABC News anchor Charlie Gibson told WLS-AM Chicago talk show hosts Don Wade and Roma this morning that the reason he hasn’t covered the ACORN scandal is that he didn’t know about it.

Never mind three shocking videos featuring waste, fraud, and child abuse, Gibson didn’t even know that the Senate had voted yesterday, 83 to 7, to cut off housing funds to ACORN. This despite the fact that Jake Tapper’s blog entry about the vote is highlighted on the front page of the ABC News web site.

Which raises an interesting question: where does this guy get his news? And why should anyone trust him to keep them informed when he doesn’t know what’s going on himself?