Let There Be Health

Most of us here on Red State, regardless of our religious convictions or lack of them, are familiar with the contempt with which secular liberals say they regard Creationism and those who profess it. To hear them tell it, only yahoos from the all-white, all-male, rural South could possibly believe such a thing. Well, they and Sarah Palin.

We are therefore greatly indebted to Mr. James Murdoch, the Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, Europe and Asia, for his observation during the recent MacTaggart Lecture at the Edinburgh International Television Festival. Referring to the BBC, Murdoch noted that "the UK broadcasting sector is wrongly governed by ‘creationism’ — the belief in a process managed by a single omniscient authority." He argued that it needs to be more ‘evolutionary.’

I dare say we’ve seen the same thing on this side of the pond. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that liberals in the United States argue that market processes, i.e. incremental changes made seemingly at random in response to forces in the environment, cannot possibly produce a health care system that functions. Instead, these same secular liberals tell us that a health care system that works can only come into existence fully-formed, from the mind of a single omniscient authority, whose name is Government. Say what?

In the liberal faith, being a Government gives one truly awe-inspiring powers. Just now we have six Senators on the Finance Committee, a few more Senators on the HELP Committee, and a handful of House Members who together propose to design a health care system for the United States. We spend roughly $2.5 trillion per year on health care, about the size of the GDP of the United Kingdom. Ask yourself what shape you think the economy of the UK would be in if fewer than a dozen human beings took it apart and reassembled it their way, to make it better. Yet liberals propose that we allow this to happen to the system that delivers health care to the people of the United States. And they base this proposal on their belief that human beings — so long as they work in Government — can create huge, fully-formed, incredibly complex systems with millions of moving parts that play together like a symphony.

Only yahoos from our coastal cities could believe such a thing.

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