Miracle on Wacker Drive

For all the flack that President Obama gets here on Red State, he does propose some amazing things that deserve recognition. Today, for example, he said concerning his health care reform plan, “You will not be waiting in any lines.” Let’s be honest: we Republicans would not know how to do that. If we added 47 million more people to the health care system, there would be lines. We wouldn’t even know how to send 47 million more people to McDonald’s without causing lines.

I’m unfamiliar with the details, but apparently there is some provision in Obama’s plan that expands the number of doctors, nurses, hospital beds, etc., to instantly accommodate 47 million more people. It usually takes eight to ten years to school a new doctor, so whatever the Democrats are doing here is a major advance. We should begin sharing it immediately with the Third World, where doctor shortages have long been a problem. Thank goodness they won’t be here, if this plan passes.

The other good thing the plan will do is spend an additional 1.6 trillion dollars. This will prevent Medicare and Medicaid, the government’s previous health care initiatives, from going bankrupt. I know this because the audience in New Hampshire cheered when Obama said that a bankrupt Medicare was not a future he wanted for his children. I wish I could have been there, because we Republicans need to learn how adding 47 million more people to the system will lower costs. And for all the deficit spending that George Bush did, we never figured out how to avert bankruptcy by spending even more money, faster. I wish the reporters would ask Obama how this works, but they never do. I guess they figure everybody already knows.

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