Our Racist Enemies

Any Republican who peeks in on the pages of a left-wing web site like Daily Kos or Politico is immediately struck by how strongly our friends across the aisle believe that opposition to their ideas stems from racism. To hear a Democrat tell it, all Republicans are racists. Furthermore, virtually the entire Republican Party consists of white males from the Southern states.

One wonders how, if this were true, Republicans ever win an election. But never mind that. Once a liberal feels that something is true, mere logic and empirical evidence cannot stand in the way.

Apparently not even party labels get in the way. According to The New York Times this morning…

One African-American Democrat, Representative Hank Johnson of Georgia, pointed out that the seven Blue Dog Democrats holding up the health care bill in the Energy and Commerce Committee were “a nondiverse group” of white men.

As a Republican, I find this promising. It had long been my wish that Democrats’ not-so-subtle racism, which comes disguised as them calling other people racists, would someday turn inward… on themselves. Alas, it hadn’t happened. But now, thanks to the president’s police relations program and this House member from Georgia, I have hope that this will change.