Two Minutes' Hate: Week of March 22-28

The Ministry of Hope invites all members of The Party to celebrate Two Minutes’ Hate against the following enemies of the people:

Sunday, March 22: Executives of AIG
The Attorney General of Sector R has uncovered evidence that AIG paid bonuses
Monday, March 23: Rush Limbaugh
An enemy of The Party and The People, he wants The Party to fail
Tuesday, March 24: CEOs
The hereditary class of Enemies of The People who rule “The Private Sector”
Wednesday, March 25: Wall Street
The capital city of The Private Sector where money is hidden from The Party
Thursday, March 26: Bernard "Bernie" Madoff
An Enemy of The People, Madoff symbolizes CEOs and Wall Street
Friday, March 27: The Private Sector
A land of corporations and businesses ruled by greedy CEOs
Saturday, March 28: Investors
Citizens of The Private Sector who prevent money from being directed by The Party

Hates will begin promptly at 6:30 p.m. (5:30 Central) on central feeds NBC, CBS, CNN, and PBS.

We are at war with the Private Sector. We have always been at war with The Private Sector