The Information War.

The mainstream media has been polluted. Everyone with any degree of common sense is well aware of this fact. The problem is: many people do not take the time to gain insight into the topics which are being spoon-fed to them by these media outlets. That is where all of us have an obligation to get the word out regarding our opponents.We must seize all opportunities to promote the truth. Whether in conversation with neighbors and friends, blogging online, grass-roots activism in our communities, writing letters to put pressure on local media sources, any way we can possibly gain a foothold.
Make no mistake, this will be a war. There are far too many outlets for mis-information and the DNC and their operatives are very good at manipulating these outlets whether online or in the mainstream media. We must all make a concerted effort to get the truth out. We must realize that the traditional sources of information are polluted. A sizable percentage of the youth in this country consider Comedy Central and Stephen Colbert to be a reliable source of information, they hang their opinions on talking points put out by DNC operatives, and we must combat this at every turn.I implore everyone to take at least one step to promote the truth about this election.