Draft CeCe Heil for US Senate from Tennessee

Tea Partiers did a pretty decent job in 2010 in defeating Lisa Murkowsk, Bob Bennett, and Charlie Crist, Mike Castle but their job is not done, come 2012, Corker must be primaried.

I dont know what other people have in mind, and I dont know whos paying attention but this is the most critical election in our time, There are time and places for a primary election and now is the time and TN is definately the place to add more Conservatives, and/or back up to DeMint so heres who I have in mind.

Im not sure if Marsha Blackburn would consider mulling a senatorial primary against Corker but if there is one woman I believe that can beat Corker is CeCe Heil

From her website:

CeCe Heil, a Nashville entertainment attorney and strict constructionist, is dedicated to restoring the sanctity of the Constitution and keeping the rogue Federal Government in check. Having practiced law for almost 20 years, she is no stranger to public policy. The daughter of a former state Senator and former Judge, Heil knows first-hand the importance of electing true conservative leaders at every level of government. Having engaged predominantly in the Federal practice of law she is very well versed in Federal legislation and is a Constitutional Law scholar. She is a supporter of small business as an owner of Resonate Records, Sonicflood, Inc., Sonicflood Production Company, Heil Music and her own law firm. She is married to Rick Heil and they have two children”

You can read her what she stands for here.

She’s from Nashville, she has political connection, owns a small business with her husband, she for some reason reminds me of Leigh Ann Touhy (from The Blind Side). And by the way, she was endorsed by Sarah Palin when she ran for congress in 2010 so that should give some credibility.  But most importantly I believe CeCe will give Corker a run for his money.  Remember what Corker did here.

<iframe width=”425″ height=”349″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/70TsWLSmAEw” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>