Elections Have Consequences pt. 4

This is my last post of the “Election Have Consequences” series.  If you would like to read my other posts they are right here: part 1, part 2, part 3.

In part 3 I wrote about republican senate seats up for re-election in 2012, now were going to look at the democrat senate seats up for re-election in 2012; there are 23 democrat seats up (including 2 independents).  Im going ahead and tell you right now, Im skipping VT, RI, DE, MD, WV, MN, WA, & CA,  These states (I believe) will re-elect their democrat senators no matter what we do or what the poll says.

Well start with the Open Seats:

CT: Joe Lieberman opted to retire thus opening up the conneticut seat for the second time since Chris Dodd decided to retire.  Democrats are already in a competitive primary that includes the secretary of state Susan Bysiewizc (whom i believe might have stolen the gubernatorial election from Tom Foley in 2010) and Congressman Chris Murphy (dont know, dont care).  No repubicans have thrown their hat into the ring yet but rumors have it that former WWE businesswoman and 2010 nominee Linda McMahon may try another run…oy.  Look Im not going to recommend anybody because I dont know much in CT anymore, but I know for a fact that Linda will not get that Ind (Dem) seat for Republicans.  She lost to the biggest moron of an Att. Gen. in the strongest republican year, how will she compete in 2012 when BO is at the top of the ticket.

HA: Daniel Akaka decided to retire, another democrat packed primary is going on and another fieldless Repubican primary.  Believe it or not I do believe we can win this seat and the candidate I have in mind is Charles Djou.  Everybody is waiting for fmr. Rep. Gov. Linda Lingle but that’s like waiting for Sarah Palin to make up her mind regarding a presidential run.  Djou has already been to congress, even though hes only been there for a few short months but I know he has a good record when he was in congress.  The democrats keep promoting the same people to all kinds of office but Djou technically is still a fresh face. Just look him up and think about it, it will be sweet victory if we can win a senate seat in Barack’s Home town on the same night conservatives win the presidency.

NM: Jeff Bingaman opted retirement again opening up the seat, dont bother whos in the democratic field, pay attention to the repubican side.  Theres a candidate conservatives must stop from getting the nomination, in fact, Erickson made it a top priority, Heather Wilson.  She’ll essentially be the long lost sister of the “Maine Twins,” Lucky for conservatives they have LT. Gov. John Sanchez

ND: Another North Dakota democrat senator decided to retire thus opening up the seat.  This seat should be a really easy one to pick up for conservatives, especially when democrats have not fielded a candidate yet, but the republicans on the other hand have a very strong bench but only one so far decided to enter, Rick Berg, current freshman congressman only in office for a couple of months and now wants a promotion…what?   Im leaning towards the treasurer by the name of Kelly Schmidt, but if anybody from ND that knows the politics up there better than me please go ahead and chime in.

VA: Ann Coulter’s favorite democrat opted retirement after 1 term.  Republicans have an opportunity to pick up this seat…or so I believe.  It is now being predicted that this is going to be the most expensive, most closely watched senate race in 2012, why? because its pretty much a done deal that were going to have a battle of the “Macaca’s” between fmr. dem. gov. Tim “Obama’s Best Friend” Kaine and fmr. rep. gov./sen. George “republicans cant do better than recruit a 2006 senate loser” Allen.  conservatives, if your looking for an alternative, look no further than Jamie Radtke.

WI: Herb Kohl was kind of a surprise, everyone though he was preparing for another run but no, he decided to retire.  so far nobody is in the race…yet.  In 2010 an unknown republican defeated one of the most progressive liberal senator in the Senate.  Repubicans can do the same and pick up another seat.  Adam Brickley over at catchthedogs.com recomends Andre Jacque.  well see.

Vulnerable Democrats:

FL: One of the two B. Nelson is up for relection in Florida and the republican field is starting to pack.  Let me just make it easy, Adam Hasner is the conservative choice in the race. fmr. Crist’s appointee LeMieux is the establishment choice, obviously, and Haridapolos is..well..looks like a used car salesman. sorry, he does not impress me.

MI: It looks like as if Debbie Stabenow is in great shape for re-election but thats not true, on the contrary, she really is vulnerable, the problem is only few non-well known candidate have stepped up to the plate.  Look in the link on MI and see for yourself.

MO: Claire McKaskill is extremely vulnerable and conservatives have a chance to defeat her and pick up a senate seat next year, two candidate have emerged, Sarah Steelman and Todd Akin. read and choose.

MT: John Tester is up for re-election and vulnerable, the question is, is Denny Rehberg really the guy that can unseat Tester? I guess well find out no?

NE: The second of the two B. Nelson is up for re-election and is extremely vulnerable, we have an easy chance to pick up this seat, but, we may have a republican scuffle behind-the-scenes. NE Attorney General Jon Bruning said some things about conservatives in his early years that just leaves your mouth wide open 😮 so people are not sure if they can trust him. NE Treasurer Don Stenberg on the other hand I heard he’s a good conservative but the problem is that he likes to run for ALL kinds of office.  If thats the case then im just going to wait for state Sen. Deb Fischer to announce if she wants to run for senate.

NJ: Ill bet some of you read the acronym and thought really? NJ? and to those I say yes. Bob Menendez is vulnerable but its going to be alittle hard and quite tricky.  The buzz that’s going on around in NJGOP is that John Crowley is contemplating on running for senate on the republican ticket.  For once, I agree. read about him on the link provided on his name, you will be amazed, and hes only 44!

NY: Yes believe it or not, even Kirsten Gillibrand is vulnerable, but is up to the conservatives AND the republicans to come together and find a nominee that both the establishment and the grassroots could get behind.  I dont know who can be the best candidate but we can win NY senate seat.

OH: Ohio recently went through a transformative election from a almost dominated democrat state to an all out Republican state.  Sherrod Brown is vulnerable.  The are already candidates in the republican field including fmr. state sen. Kevin Coughlin who I believe is a good conservative.  but there are still candidates who have not announced their intentions yet such as Erick Erickson’s pick Josh Mandel and grassroots favorite fmr. secretary of state Ken Blackwell who btw led in another poll today by PPP.  Its already a known fact that if a republican wants to win the presidency, (s)he needs to win Ohio, by repubicans nominating a very good candidate for senate in ohio, repubicans can have a much better chance of taking back ohio from Obama.

PA: and finally, Bob Casey Jr., the 3D one, not the 2D cartboard cutout, is up for re-election, he’s the one that beat Rick Santorum (now running for president) in 2006 by the biggest margin in that election. but 2012 is a whole different story and we need to find a good candidate, and FAST! otherwise we can kiss his butt for congratulations before he seats again for another 6 years.

Thank You for taking the time in reading my post, this is the first time I ever done this but I felt it was essential that somebody provide information about whats going on in the political world and that conservatives should not turn a blind eye or get complacent everytime a new election roll around.  We cannot afford to lose either in 2011 or 2012, every election matters, from as high as the Presidency to your governor, senator, representative, and local legislative body.  BTW some of us dont have a high profile race this year or in 2012 (like me living in Alabama) but im still going to contribute to conservative candidates all across the country, help them out however I can and I hope some of you who also live in states that dont have any high profile race can too contribute outside your state. Remember what Obama said “Elections Have Consequences” and if he or any other democrats win…he can also have the right to say “I Won.”