Elections Have Consequences pt. 3

Before I start part 3,  I want to thank everybody, especially the administrator for recommending my part 1 and part 2 posts.  We are in the beginning of a very crucial election season and in these day and age all elections matter, because elections have consequences,  and we all learned that the hard way.

For part 3 were now in the important part of the 2012 election, the Senate.  The make up is 53 Democrats (independents included) and 47 Republicans, that means if republicans want a plurality or simple majority they have to pick up 4 senate seats…WITHOUT LOSING ONE (that also includes Scott Brown and Olympia Snowe who are up for re-election) otherwise we will have to net ourselves a couple more seats for every one we lose.

I’ll start with the republicans up for re-election next year, 10 republican seat are up for re-election, 2 of them are open, and 4 of them need to be replaced with a more conservative alternative.


TX: Kay Baily Hutchinson has decided to fork over her seat (finally) but its not all good and dandy yet, there’s a big packed primary with candidates that includes conservative superstars Ted Cruz and Michael Williams, but it also include the former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert and possibly may add one more, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.  Ladies and gentlemen, at no point whatsoever can we allow Leppert or (as Erickson likes to call him) DewCrist can be the Republican nominee in Texas, if they are elected senator from texas you are adding backup to Mitch McConnells cadre of lapdogs in the establishment.

AZ: Now at first I was kind of skeptical of Jeff Flake, his immigration votes is horrible, BUT, he is a fiscal hawk (and to be honest I was hoping for someone like Pamela Gorman or Ruth McClung to enter the race, These gals are amazing) and ever since Flake jumped into the race, he’s had a great fundraising overhaul, Club for Growth endorsed Flake and so did Erick Erickson, The Democrats havent fielded a candidate so pretty much Jeff Flake has the field to himself, but remember dont get complacent.

Primaring Wobbly Repubicans, Reinforcing Jim DeMint:

TN:  As Erick Erickson wrote in a post not to long ago, conservatives needs to start getting together NOW and find somebody that can beat Bob Corker in TN.  This guy is terrible, remember why we sided with Rand Paul in KY? because the other guy was going to be Mitch’s lap dog, that’s essentially what Corker is.  There has to be a more conservative challenger in TN, someone like Marsha Blackburn, or anybody, this is a priority.

MS: Here’s another guy conservatives need to primary, Roger Wicker, he’s another wobbly republican lapdog.  If I were recruiting someone, I would look for a accomplished woman, because otherwise its ging to be hard to beat him in the primary.  Why woman? because the Magnolia state has a horrible record in electing women to any statewide or federal office.  If not, then how about Bill Marcy, he ran against Bennie Thompson in MS 2nd congressional disctrict, Sarah Palin endorsed him, and he got 61,202 or 37.3% of the votes in 2010.  Dont shoot the messenger, just trying to help brainstorm potential candidates against wobbly republicans.

UT: Orrin Hatch is up for re-election, and he wants to stay as a senator SO BAD he’s now pandering to the tea partiers, question is, do you buy it? or do you believe its time to send fresh face in the senate? potential replacement…Jason Chaffetz.

IN: Last but least, Lugar definately needs to go and I believe the man that can do that is Richard Mourdock, check him out.


ME: Sorry I had to go cris croker on you but there is some fight for another time, we just have to be patience.  The “Maine Twins” are going to do what the want to do.  I know conservatives want to primary Olympia Snowe who’s up for re-election next year, Let me ask you this, if Snowe is defeated in the primary by a more conservative challenger, are you going to take responsibility if the conservative challenger loses in the general? I recall the Christine O’Donnell situation, yes Im glad she beat Mike Castle, but she still lost the general are remember what i said at the top, if we lose snowe’s seat to a democrat well have to pick up another to counter that loss.

MA: Regarding Scott Brown, read ME again, if Massachussetts and Maine independents wants a democrat, let them kick Brown and Snowe out of office, conservatives should save their resources for other fights.

NV: Nevada republicans are going down in shambles thanks to revelations from the ensign fallout, we cannot afford to lose this republican seat to Harry Reid’s poodle.  So leave Dean Heller alone.

WY: John Barrasso is good guy, he fights for conservatives.

That would be it, on my last post im going to talk about the Democrats up for re-election.  I hope some of you pick your fight wisely, there are alot of wobbly republicans but some are worth more than others.