Elections Have Consequences pt. 2

On my last post I talked about gubernatorial and legislative elections that are going to happen on November 8th, 2011.  We have to beat the democrats wherever the election, however we can because again, “Elections have Consequences.”

On this post Im going to talk about the 2012 Gubernatorial elections.  There are 11 governors up for election but im only going to talk about the one most necessary.  Im skipping WA, VT, NH, DE because I believe the democrats are going to win them anyway no point trying to waste resource for nothing.  Im also skipping UT & ND, figures they will remain safe Republican either way.

We’ll start with MT where the incumbent democrat Brian Schweitzer is term limited.  According to a poll I saw (sorry cant remember which) it showed that according to a match-up between a generic Republican and a generic Democrat, Rep. leads Dem. 49-39, that means we have a pick up opportunity, question is who can we rally behind to make that a possibility, well there is a big Republican primary field that includes Fmr. Congressman Rick Hill and National Security Analist Neil Livingstone, but the candidate that most caught my attention is Corey Stapleton, he’s sort of like a Generation X version of Newt Gingrich from Montana, read his biography in the link provided above and see for yourself.  so far only one democrat declared but not a big name type so here’s your opportunity to contribute.

IN: Two words, Mike Pence, need I really say more 😉

MO: This one is going to be tough especially during a Presidential year but I believe we can pull it off, incumbent democrat Governor Jay Nixon is up for re-election, from my understanding is people generally dont like Nixon, but, If no viable republican shows up to challenge him Missourians will have no other choice but to send him back to the governors mansion.  I think everybody is waiting for Lt. Gov. Pete Kinder to jump in but I also been hearing that he’s been having problem.  We can win this but its going to be a little hard.

NC: Incumbent Democrat Beverly Perdue should be as good as gone, I’ve not seen any good polls come out of that state for her, to make matters worse, the democrats are having their convention in Charlotte and it should remind N. Carolinians why they should not vote for democrats this time.  Question is if Pat McCrory (R), the former mayor of Charlotte(!) will run again against Perdue.  This one should be an easy pick up.

I give you options, Victory or Defeat, therefore, choose Victory! Ill come back for part 3, this time well talk about next year’s Senate election.