Elections Have Consequences pt. 1

President Obama could not have said truer words.  2010 was a great victory for Conservatives, not republicans (they only won the numbers game, remember that) and we could not have been much happier with the results thanks largely due to the fact we wont have heart burns everytime say Mike Castle or Charlie Crist vote with the democrats, and we can do the same in 2011 and 2012. 

I know everybody is paying attention to the Presidential election next year, but that’s not the only election going on right now, I want to write about a couple of important elections in not just 2012 but also in 2011, I want to post it in different parts so that people can understand it better and makes writing and reading the post a whole lot shorter.

 Just recently the republicans lost a safe seat to a liberal democrat in NY-26, democrats are already using NY-26 to boost morale for their bots and will take that small victory to the November election in 2011.

There are still elections that matters in 2011 and if we lose any of them, there is going to be consequence.

First on October 4th theres a special gubernatorial election in West Virginia. Acting Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin won the democrat nomination. Republican Bill Maloney  won the party’s nomination, he is a first time candidate, businessman,  and outsider. You may remember him as the guy that was involved in Plan B rescue attempt during the 2010 chilean mine disaster.  He could probably use some help with name recognition in WV.

Secondly, on November 8th, Kentucky, Lousiana, and Mississippi will have their gubernatorial elections.

MS:  Haley Barbour is term-limited (and not running for President) and the next guy that looks like he may get the nomination is frontrunner Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, but there are still others running in the primary, mostly businessmen.  But still check them out in the link on MS,  if your the kind of person that’s still tired of the republicans next-in-line.

LA: Bobby Jindal is up for re-election (and also not running for president) and something tells me he’s not going to have to much trouble.  Democrats havent fielded a candidate but it doesnt mean hes safe. DONT EVER GET COMPLACENT.

KY: Steve Beshear is the incumbert Democrat governor up for re-election, newly minted Republican nominee David Williams is running an up-hill battle in KY to be the next governor, its really hard to get a republican governor in KY but with the economy going down and if Williams plays it right and gets help from us, he can get a chance. [UPDATE: Robert Stacy McCain has more on the Kentucky gubernatorial race here]

Last but not least, Remember when Republicans won the gubernatorial elections in NJ and VA, that was sweet, but there was still one problem…the legislature was still under democrats control.  In NJ democrats control both houses, but if you can imagine Chris Christie doing good now with democratic control what can he do for NJ if he were to get even 1 house.  Same goes for Bob McDonnell, Republicans control the house but their 4 senate members short of a majority in the senate, maybe a little tea party action could help make up the deficit.

Thats whats going on in 2011 and if you want to keep your morale and practice activism, the above mentioned states should do the trick before the big fight in 2012. Ill come back with a part 2 on gubernatorial elections in 2012 which is JUST as important as the Presidential.