Romney's Missed Opportunity, and Masterful Seating

Well, the liberal side of American politics is already trying to lay down a claim after the debate. That being Romney’s one-point plan. What really gets my goat about this, is when I was watching the debate, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the response to what Obama was saying, which I think would’ve been a solid uppercut in the world of political debates. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

Here’s the clip:


The proper response should’ve been this:

“I find it amazing that the president rejects what he was just denouncing, even though everything he mentioned was in place during his administration. The president and the democrats had super-majorities. SUPER-MAJORITIES! If they wanted to change something that they felt had been failing America for a decade, then why didn’t they take action to change it? Instead, they decided to create legislation, that being Obamacare, and shove it down our throats. They even insisted that we needed to PASS this legislation, just to find out what’s in it. That’s not leadership, that’s ideology.”

… or something along those lines. If the president wants to talk about what has failed the country, while he and his party overwhelmingly controlled government, then he needs to be called on non-action.

Anyway, here’s a great clip that Erick Erickson mentioned in his earlier post. Romney seated Obama. Enjoy:


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