Banking 101 - It is actually a $6,300,000,000,000 Bailout.

The federal reserve is a bank for bankers. It is a central bank just as The Bank of England is a central bank for the United Kingdom. The federal reserve is, in fact, the third central bank which has plagued the citizens of the United States. Both of the others were dismantled because they destroyed the nation’s money through inflation.

The primary function of the federal reserve is to create money. If a U.S. government security for $1,000 is held by the federal reserve it can then have the Treasury Department to print $1,000 worth of federal reserve notes which Treasury then gives to the federal reserve.

The federal reserve now has $1,000 in cash, or more properly “fiat” money. The federal reserve retains a percentage of this cash, say 10%and loans the remainder to a second bank. This is known as “fractional banking” because only a fraction of the money is actually on-hand at the bank.

The second bank also retains a percentage of the $900 – say $100 – and let’s say two of the bank’s customers obtain loans for $400 each and this money is deposited to the customer’s bank accounts. The bank deducts a percentage, say $100 and this bank now has an additional $700 which it then loans to a consumer.

The original $900 which was loaned to the bank by the federal reserve has been transformed into $1,700. How? Fractional cash reserves at bank total $200. Loans to customers one and two total $800. The loan to customer three is $700. Loans of $1,500 plus cash in bank of $200 equals $1,700.

This process can go on and on and on. At least until people ask for more cash than is actually in the bank. Then the federal reserve send more “money” and the process starts all over.

Until people ask for more cash than is in the federal reserve system. Then congress has to authorize an increase in the national debt so more money can be created by the federal reserve.

That is why one of the items in the bailout just passed by congress was an authorization increasing the national debt – which basically is the money we citizens owe the federal reserve.

Now take that $700,000,000,000 authorization and multiply by at least 9 – fractional banking. Remember? That is at least$6,300,000,000,000 in new money that could soon be in existence.

The real question is, what is the financial oligarchy going to do with that mone. One word – CHINA.