Dictatorships NEVER Give You a Choice.

A member of another site where I also blog made the following comment on one of my posts:

“Moreover, the American people need to understand better what is going on in this country and stand up and contact their representatives. This time, they congress had no choice. “

Dictatorships never give you a “real” choice. Look up the word “dictate.”

The only choice dictatorships give is, “submit or be forced to submit.”

That is why those farmers at Lexington are worth being remembered and honored. They KNEW that they would get to fire one (1) round and that then the British bayonets would be shoved through their intestines.

The vast majority of people have no where near enough courage to make any dictatorship show itself for what it really is.

Dictatorships always come to power in an atmosphere of crisis.The legislative branch gives them their powers – just as congress has done with the (Un)Patriot(ic) Act and who knows what in this bailout legislation, and any of the other laws they enact – mostly without reading.