It is a Fascist Bailout - Not a Socialist Bailout

If anyone needed proof that the fiction of gridlock in Washington is just that – fiction – the current financial crisis is certainly that proof. The total disregard which both the democratic and republican congressional leadership have shown for the best interests of tens of millions of citizens is appalling. They have clearly demonstrated that they are in fact the political vassals of wall street.

Another great falsehood which must be put to rest is the notion that what they are proposing is “socialism.” This bailout is being done at the request of and in the interests of the fascio-corporatist financiers and bankers of the wall street cabal.

Ben Bernanke – the current chairman of the federal reserve – is a graduate of the London School of Economics which was founded by the Fabian Society. Economist John Maynard Keynes and fellow Fabian Society member Harry Dexter White were among the founding fathers of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944.The World Bank and the IMF have been responsible for saddling the countries of the Third World and the industrialized nations with debt which keeps the peoples of those countries mired in poverty. This is the very opposite of socialism.

Wealth can be redistributed for many reasons – good and evil. The cabal is only interested in profits from debt.

The fascio-corporatist financiers and bankers of the wall street cabal have simply adopted the incrementalist and wealth redistribution tactics of the Fabian Society – not their socialist agenda. They love it when they are accused of being socialists – because they truly are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I would like to think that the members of the cabal are socialists. Then I could imagine that after their inevitable economic triumph that we could look forward to some idyllic existence for most of us. Thankfully, I know that they are not socialists.

The future which they have planned for the vast majority of us will not be idyllic. The nightmare gulag existence of the failed soviet union and the impoverished slave labor camps of Asia and South America provide us with our most accurate glimpses of the future that the fascio-corporatists desire for us.

Their vision is of a future in which the cabal has triumphed and has achieved worldwide economic domination. It is a future in which the economic elites have become feudal lords and have enslaved the peoples of the world in monetary vassalage.

It is a future in which workers and their families live in squalid, multi family, company owned barracks without heat or air conditioning because wages are held below subsistence levels. It is a future in which workers must patronize company owned stores and are kept in perpetual debt through inflated prices, and extortionist rates of interest.

This is why yesterday’s defeat of the cabal’s bailout plan was a victory for American workers and the workers of all nations. It was a triumph of the American electorate over the fascio-corporatist financiers and bankers and their vision of our future.