I can almost guarantee that 2010 is going to be "Meet the New Boss,same as the old boss"

Nothing really changes and 2010 is more than likely to be the same. Yes, parties in power change and ideologies change as well. The people in highest positions of their prospective parties change too, but the overall focus stays the same. It moves in a predicted pattern.

This is not to take away from a larger movement(like the TEA party) but a reminder that populous movements haven’t changed things in the right direction. In fact, populous movements have moved things more to the left than to the right. Progressive tendencies haven’t been altered.

Single point conservatism has played well in the hands of those that wish to keep the status quo. Yes, social conservatives that have no fiscal conservatism then to allow those without fiscal conservative principals to do as they please. Likewise for the Fiscal Conservative and Defense Conservative. In order to not make sure that things don’t move anymore in the wrong direction and perhaps to towards the more correct direction, a single point conservative needs to adopt another point of conservatism.

Don’t be alarmed, the sun still appears in the sky in the day and it’s still a blue sky when it’s clear in the day. Things will and most likely stay on the same muddled political path. Let’s hope that things really change for the better.

I’m not betting on it.

Crossposted at Richard Phillip Mullins’ Blog